Hi! I'm Ania Steshko, interior and graphic designer living in Malta and working internationally. 
There is a long path of jobs and projects behind my back since I've earned my Master of Science degree in interior design. I was gaining my experience and polishing my skills in graphic design, art direction, interior design, photography and object design. For many years I was developing my style and vision, refining my understanding of what I can do best. Today I know that my best part is nesting in the splendid world of interior design.
Since I’ve started my own practice back in 2011 I have focused mostly on the residential and small commercial projects. But graphic design was always my fascination as well. And when commercial projects occur in my diary I always complete them with corporate identity and branding.  
Every designer has his own source of inspiration. My inspiration comes from nature, books, movies and most important - people. 
People - is the main reason why we design interiors. There is always a person behind any interior, to whom this interior serves. 

That’s why I can say that any successful project has to begin from a mutual interest, respect and understanding. My first rule is to start a new job only if I click with the client and truly believe in his project. This rule always pays back with three main benefits - my clients are happy, design results are unique and I am proud of my work.
I am constantly learning and improving. During years my understanding of the best design process has occurred and helped to tailor my own service package. 
I realized that a perfect design process is very similar to the sculpturing - when you start from general idea and then step by step come to the very last tiny detail.
Please click ‘Design process’ to find a detailed explanation of my design process.

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